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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

HA! New spoiler filled interview with Katee that appeared today at

BSG a soap

A few pertinent snippets that are sure to get tongues wagging. These are Katee's words.

[i]"...So it's gonna be gone, like shorter than it was in the miniseries."

By shorter, does she mean Natalie Portman-"V for Vendetta"-buzzed head short?

"Uh, kind of like that. Yeah," confirms Sackhoff...
she kind of reestablishes her commitment to
the military in Episode Five,
which is the haircut."

And this little snippet:

"And then Starbuck finds another man," says Sackhoff. "Like, what is that?
I called [the show]
a soap opera in an interview. They're mad at me.
It is a soap opera; she's sleeping with every
goddamn guy on the show. Is that not a
soap opera? I'm sorry. And she loves every
one of them.
I mean, like, obviously it's
a soap opera.

"So there is another man that comes into her life,
and it is a very unlikely man, and that everyone
is going to be so livid over," she continues,
[Sackhoff inserts joke about it being William Adama]

She must be ticked if she's calling her storyline a soap opera in interviews.

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