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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

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Cosmic Plan, I guess Riker would love the Intelligent Design idiots.
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Pen Pals opens up a dumb can of worms, so we can assume, probably (From The Drumhead), that SF looked the other way because Picard saved the planet...from a NATURAL disaster...and without contamination.
edit: I also find it hilarious that the only thing standing between aliens swooping down and solving all our problems for us, is one has thought to ask.
One of the reasons i find the second season of TNG interesting is what you discover when you pay close attention to certain conversations.

You'd assume a discussion about saving an inhabited planet would involve resources, whether it would cause more damage and whether they can do it without any contact.

Instead they're using metaphysical words like "fate" "cosmic plan".

How did a (theoretical) concept like a cosmic plan get mixed up with the PD?

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if there's a fire, and a Human being and a rabbit are trapped inside, do you think it's "pretty arrogant" to try to save the Human being instead of the rabbit?
One argument for sapient over non sapient is that the sapient being is more likely to express gratitude for what you've done.

the "cosmic plan" thing seems to come up a lot in the post-TOS PD. It's their way of justifying inaction without just coming out and admitting that they don't want to do it.

The "science" presented in "Dear Doctor" doesn't make any sense unless there's some kind of belief in a plan of a superior species and one "destined" for extinction or some such nonsense.
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