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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

commodore64 said:
Posted by AnnaYolei:
I recommend almost anything from Samanthat Quinn (although if you're a big fan of Archer, she rarely shows him in a positive light, so please proceed with causion)

<a href="" target="_blank">link</a>

"Unfulfilled" is my favorite.
I have a beef with this in general. I think it's good writing for the author to like all the characters. Otherwise it's propaganda. To give the readers a hint, the next series of this fic has Tucker having sex with T'Pol two feet away from Archer. And although I may like Archer, I would feel the same way about Tucker.

The writer should understand all the characters. I want it from my Star Trek writers, I want it from the fan fic ones as well.
Really, I just find this statement odd considering how out of character you have written T'Pol and Tucker in some of your stories.

Personally I think everyone is going to have some kind of bias in their stories. It only really bothers me when they take it to the extreme. At least Samantha Quinn kept her writing of Archer in characterisation of how he was shown in S1 and S2.

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