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Re: Registries and Conjectural classes

If they had used, say, stock footage of a Cardassian Galor exploding in the far-off distance, we wouldn't even be debating this.
Which is my point, sort of: we now have more than nothing (even if just a smidgen more), so it's fun to make use of it.

a "starship," which has usually been the purview of the saucer/nacelle Starfleet
The term "starship" is liberally thrown left and right in the TNG era, not being specific to saucer-nacelle ships in any way. That Starfleet's own starships tend to be saucer-nacelle vessels is a separate issue, yielding no particular support to the terminological debate.

Almost all the Connies built just happen to be under repairs at that one Starbase at the exact same time?
The fun thing is that we have zero idea what that chart actually describes. Not only is the identity of the ships unknown, but the very meaning of "% complete" or "star ship status" is left unexplained. Possibly these ships aren't even anywhere near Starbase 11 - this might be a chart listing the status of star ships everywhere in the universe, in alphabetical order or whatnot, and Stone has just decided to zoom in to the section mentioning the current status of the Enterprise so that he can evaluate his decisions (on repairs, and/or on court-martialing the skipper) based on that. Perhaps he'd not dare challenge Kirk if his ship were currently scoring 80% or more in the star ship status contest?

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