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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

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Too bad that Routh didn't a second chance.
I heard that he auditioned for Smallville. I'm sure he would have put on the glasses and the suit.
Thank God that didn't happen. Being a Christopher Reeve knock-off for one movie was bad enough. Ten years of that would have been tedious.

Now, I don't hate Superman Returns, but I did find alot wrong with it. Here's my list:

1. Brandon Routh. I felt sorry for the poor guy. To this day I'm covinced that when Singer hired him, he gave Routh tapes of the Chris Reeve films, and literally told him "watch him, and do what he does". This is exactly how Routh came off in the movie. He didn't play Superman. he played Chris Reeve playing Superman.

2. Kate Bostworth, or whatever the hell her name is, is not only miscast, she's boring, and easily the worst Lois Lane we've ever had.

3. Richard. a pointless character who was there solely to add the necessary "dramatic angst" to keep Superman and Lois apart for the story.

3. The Kid. Ugh. Suddenly, every fans' bitching and moaning against having a cute kid in the story makes PERFECT sense here.

4. The callbacks and tributes to the first Donner film felt forced rather than actual tributes.

5. The soundtrack. I love John Williams' score as much as anybody and listen to my CD set alot, but this movie should have had it's own musical voice just like every other version of Superman has done.
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