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Re: Federation Versus The Romulan Empire

The Romulan fleet was supposedly in shambles following the Dominion War
I don't think onscreen material indicates or even supports this, and Sloan actually tries to convince Bashir of the opposite. It would be easy to believe that the Romulans would lose the least ships, having the wisdom to only partake in fights they can win, and to only deploy ships with serious overkill characteristics.

the assassination of the Senate and the division of the Empire into separate factions (with one side being pro-Federation)
Another development probably at odds with what we see on screen. Why should the assassination of the Senate be a rare event in the Empire? From what we hear, backstabbing (figurative and literal) is routine there, and thus unlikely to lead to major splits.

But their ships seemed to lack the versatility of the Federation's vessels, as we see only Warbird- and Valdore-class ships used.
Which could also be read as them being more survivable on the average than Starfleet ships, which feature a high percentage of old and feeble designs.

But their police state suggests persistent social unrest, turmoil that would only have increased with the growing strength of Spock's underground movement and the seeming dissolution of the Tal Shiar.
Was Tal'Shiar dissolved? The Dominion thought that "The Die is Cast" represented a blow to the organization, but we saw no actual evidence of a weakened stance later on, in "Inter Arma" and the like.

Also, the one time we saw Spock's underground movement, it actually served the interests of the Romulan government. That situation need not change, either.

We saw what the loss of a single room full of people did to the Romulan Empire in Nemesis.
...It temporarily vacated the room for use by the true rulers, the military, until they found the next puppets to seat there?

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