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Re: Corporate Bad Guys

Another case in point:

Henry’s Turkey Service is a Texas labor broker that for 40 years paid developmentally challenged workers about 41 cents per hour...Iowa State Fire Marshal deemed the living quarters unsafe due to fire code and other safety and health violations....
“Verbal abuses included frequently referring to the workers as ‘retarded,’ ‘dumb ass’ and ‘stupid,’” the EEOC press release reads. “Class members reported acts of physical abuse, including hitting, kicking, at least one case of handcuffing, and forcing the disabled workers to carry heavy weights as punishment. The Henry’s Turkey supervisors, also the workers’ purported caretakers, were often dismissive of complaints of injuries or pain.”

And their apologists in talk radio ask for tort reform, to prevent this:

The lawsuit comes a month after state work force officials imposed a $1.1 million penalty against Henry’s Turkey Service for violations of state labor laws.

First thing to do--outlaw temp services.
Second, disallow the whole LLC category.

Double tractor trailers with dollys welded together were sent out in one of Alabama's worst wenter storms by an employer here. The trucks are not actually owned by the company man, but by a near bankrupt shell company, so you have to sue only that and the poor drivers, who get harrased if they say they work for other than the lawsuit shell.

Now the arguements the right-wingers make is that we don't need regs, that lawsuits alone should suffice. But when you outsource this, shell over that, and elect folks who don't believe in their own gov't positions, you get disasters, like the texas ferilizer plant explosions

A lot of the anti-gov't folks who have jobs in gov't are thus the political equivalent of professional wrestling referees. They never see anything--are on the take from the manager, and go after the wrong guy.
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