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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I don't want too much from an update, other than:

*better looking planets (TOS-R was awesome in this regard)
*alternate 'Enterprise at warp/flyby' establishing shots (again, TOS-R was great for this, and the next one)
*alternate 'Enterprise entering orbit' shots
*make shield effects look more modern, like the latter TNG movies
*make the transporter effect look more three-dimensional (the ST09, whatever else, did well with this)
*correct any FX that looked cheesy or just bad in the original, or could be improved (the end of season 1 creatures, etc)
*whenever practical, add in ships other than Oberth, Miranda, and Excelsior in a shot.
*whenever practical, make on-planet sets look like they're on a planet (the outpost in Arena was one example of this)
*add detail work to ships (Constellation in Doomsday Machine...the little asteroids bouncing off the hull, great detail)
*when practical, correct ships that were affected by lack of budget to restore the original intent.
*when practical, give the ships more motion during fight scenes. They're all too often static images of Enterprise firing phasers.

That's pretty much descending order of priority to me. I just want the effects monotony broken up, and the 'staying true' feels like a wasted opportunity to me.

The first three especially, and the first five are what I would have expected from a half-hearted effort.
Nothing wrong with, as a fan, having a wish list. But I think characterizing what CBSD is doing with TNG-R as less than "half-hearted" is a bit much. Because they aren't doing what you'd personally like them to do, their efforts aren't even half-hearted? So what are they, quarter-hearted? Third-hearted? I think what they are doing is nothing short of spectacular, given the unprecedented nature of this remastering effort -- a level of care that no TV show had ever been given before. It shows respect, not half-heartedness.

You'll acknowledge that in practice there's quite a big gap between what one may want or what is conceivably possible and what one can do given specific resources, time and money. CBS realized that they had most of the original assets on 35mm film vaulted safely away in good condition in a salt mine for 25 years, so spending money on all new CGI effects to replace them makes no sense from either a financial point of view or an artistic point of view because you'd be throwing out the hard work of Emmy and Academy Award winners.

I am quite sure either the TNG project was going to happen as it has happened or it was not going to happen at all. They certainly didn't have the budget or time to both restore the original shots and replace them with CGI. TOS-R utilized CGI because the original effects elements had been lost and the opticals that were already cut into the negatives looked very, very poor, so they wanted to give fans a choice to watch something that looked more uniformly high quality.

With TNG, pretty much everything was already uniformly high quality... thanks to those aforementioned Emmy and Academy Award winners.
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