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Which Topic Should Have Been Explored Further

There were lots of threads started in DS9, some of which were never fully explored. Of these topics, which would you have enjoyed seeing more development throughout the series?
  • Kasidy Working/Smuggling for the Maquis - when this idea was introduced in "For the Cause," I thought it would have been interesting to continue this idea as the series continued. Is Kasidy using Sisko in some way? Is she actually a member of the Maquis? What else is she hiding? Those sorts of things.
  • Alexander as a Klingon Warrior - I loved that this made Worf uncomfortable. I wanted to see Alexander participating in actual battles, perhaps even coming close to death or actually dying in battle at some point. The tension between those two was great and I wanted to see more.
  • Undercover Changelings in the Alpha Quadrant - This was probably the most scary idea in DS9 to me. Anybody could be a changeling. They explored this idea for awhile, then it went away and we mostly just saw the female changeling for the rest of the series.
  • Exploration of the Gamma Quadrant - I know DS9 wasn't supposed to be a show about exploration, but with the wormhole right there and the Dominion dominating that quadrant, how fascinating would it have been to explore more worlds or encounter even more aliens on the other side of the wormhole?
  • Benny Russell visions - It was so neat seeing the actors without their make-up and playing different roles in these visions. I loved what they did with this in the last season.
  • The Orbs - There was very little mention of specific orbs or finding the orbs after the early seasons. There could have been a lot of interesting episodes surrounding the location of the other orbs, capturing the orbs, perhaps being bought and sold, used for power, etc.
  • The Maquis - They were the focus of a few episodes mid-series, but what happened to them during the Dominion War? How do they feel about the Dominion, especially after things start looking bad for Cardassia?
  • The Vorta - I find them interesting, but I'd like to see their home world, what is the cloning process, what is their culture like, how do they worship the founders on their home world (or is that just something the clones are genetically programmed to do)?
  • Terok Nor backstory - I loved these episodes. Seeing Odo, Dukat and even Quark in their past lives. It would have been interesting seeing the station built, Dukat taking over, what happened when Cardassians had to give up the station, etc.
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