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Re: Superman II (The Donner Cut)

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It's interesting that you mention the time travel turn back, because in the beginning, when Donner was directing both I and II and they were being filmed simultaneously, the writers hadn't intended for Superman to turn back time at the end of the first film. Lois didn't actually die. When it became clear they wouldn't finish II in time for I's scheduled release and the problems happened with Donner/Brando, the ending for one was changed because it wasn't deemed "dramatic" enough. At least that's the case according to Donner in an interview I watched.
MacLeod wrote: View Post
From what I heard they were filming I and II together but the studio wanted to get the first film out so they suspended filming the scenes for the 2nd film and focused on the first film. Whih of course meant some modificatons to get it ready in time.
I really should read up on the filming of these two movies. The whole things sounds like its own convoluted time paradox. I'm guessing that big chunks of the second movie were reshot?

Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
No, Supes didn't leave Lex in the fortress. He called the arctic police, didn't he? I assumed they'd taken him.
It's a reasonable assumption, but we didn't see it, so it looked like Supes just left him there when he destroyed the fortress. I heard that there's a cut scene where Zod, Ursa and Non are taken away but for some reason it's not in either cut of the film. Don't know if anything like that was shot for Lex though. If they didn't have footage of him being taken away by the authorities, I wonder what else could have been done in editing so that it didn't look like he was killed when the fortress was destroyed.

Donald Draper wrote: View Post
Here is an idea. The 2 versions are a time loop.
As mentioned, that's not a bad idea.

Nagisa Furukawa wrote: View Post
Ideally though, it might be nice to see a cut that includes the best of both. Paris, Jor El, seeing Clark getting his powers back, Lois figuring things out Donner-style and no turning back time.
Such edits do exist online...
I wouldn't mind tracking that down at some point. Add the best of both along with the extended scenes and you probably have yourself a 4-hour movie.

Christopher wrote: View Post
As I said above, I think Lois jumping out a window is much bolder and more effective than the rapids sequence they replaced it with.
The rapids sequence was the kind of spectacle that you need for a major motion picture, but I too preferred seeing her jump out of the window.
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