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Re: Registries and Conjectural classes

The stock footage of the Arcos didn't show the ship in the Fajo configuration. It showed it as the Husnock ship.
But at that distance, and that stage of the footage, what we would really see if we squinted infinitely hard is the general triangular shape plus the engine glow, and both correspond nicely to the Fajo configuration. Plus perhaps the lower "cannon" prong, but in such a position as to match Fajo's "canards" in silhouette. So our make-believe would be based on "almost visual canon" rather than complete dismissing of visuals, which I find rather enjoyable.

I have a hard time thinking that it looks like a wedge-shaped alien ship with no saucer and nacelles.
But it's a transport ship, and we have seen some UFP wedge-shaped, nacelle-free ones (such as the Pakled ship, which apparently is e.g. a common Rigelian = UFP model, or the Trill ship from "The Host") plus other shapes lacking prominent nacelles (the Norkova or the ST:INS holoship) but only one obviously nacelled design (the Sydney).

Just add whitish paint and red cheat lines and basically any Trek design looks "Starfleety" enough...

Why would she steal something that she could easily replicate on her own?
Call it intellectual property theft, then. What I like to believe in is that this object is not part of the starship, but rather a memento, and while those are seldom genuine, they often are of dubious origin in other respects as well.

I mean, "cruiser"? Sheesh. She looks neither like a pleasure cruiser nor a police cruiser, and a type of classic scouting-fighting vessel is right out.

I didn't like the idea of another class of ship being as large or larger than the Ent-D
But the E-D only has a thousand crew. In "Ensigns of Command", she's about to embark fifteen thousand passengers; a ship capable of moving a couple of thousand in slightly greater comfort across somewhat greater distances could still be very compact, perhaps something like a "double Sydney".

On the topic of early registries:

At the time of this episode, these registries were for ships of the Constitution-class starship.
The evidence isn't all that strongly in support of that. The writer of the episode did not express any sentiment that this class would be the only one warranting the designation "star ship", and we have no clear reason to think that the maker of the artwork would have been thinking in terms of a list featuring just a single class of ships. Quite to the contrary, the diversity in numbers would appear to be another attempt at creating diversity on the cheap.

Timo Saloniemi
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