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Re: Does anyone have VHS recordings from the 1980's syndication run?

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In that case, I suggest looking for a VHS copy of MISSION GALACTICA. It's an edited version of The Living Legend and Fire In Space with new dialogue edited in. You can probably find one on Amazon, or half a dozen other sites that sells those kinds of things. Or used stores around your home. We have plenty of those around here.

What was edited out? I watched my DVD of The Living Legend a couple of months ago, and I didn't notice anything.
Thanks; I already tried Mission Galactica and the part in question was edited the same way as the DVD.

Originally, there was a difference in Baltar's dialogue between the end of part 1 and the recap at the beginning of part 2. In part 1, when the Cylon first sees the Pegasus, he says "Sir, if I may..." and Baltar cuts him off with "Not now!" In the part 2 recap, Baltar's "Not now" is muted and you just see him mouthing it silently.

For some reason, the DVD version of part 1 substitutes the sound mix from part 2 so you can't hear Baltar. This had already been changed that way when the show ran on SciFi in the Nineties, so I'm not sure when or why it was done. But you could definitely hear him on part 1 in the Eighties reruns.
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