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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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So with all of the things I mentioned, name one, just ONE organization that routinely does ALL of them, that is NOT military.
I have, in fact, already named three such organizations:

The Japanese Self Defense Force
The Chinese Coast Guard (as an example of MANY non-military coast guards)
Earth Starfleet
The Japanese Defense Force is a military organization. Fact.
The Coast Guard is effectively an estention of border patrol and rescue. It is involved only in civilian law enforcement (drugs, etc.), not operations of general armed defense. So it does not meet the criteria.
The Chinese Coast Guard, like other coast guards, do not provide defense against invasion, or large-scale military attacks. Not do/can they engage in operations beyond partolling Japanese borders. They are not a mobile force the way the Army, Navy or Air Force are, and deal with civilian law enforcement and search/rescue operations at sea within Japanese waters. They do not meet the criteria for all the roles a military organisation would play.
I will not comment on Earth Starfleet, as that ground has been covered. It's inclusion is an assertion, not a valid analogous example.
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Second challenge: If Starfleet isn't a form of military organization, please define for me the actual 23rd/24th century military organization.
Assuming they even have one, it would be filled by several organizations that I have, again, already mentioned, such as (but not limited to)
The Federation Naval Patrol.
The Andorian Royal Guard
The Military Assault Command Organization.
MACO are clearly another military organisation, one that seems analogous to the SEALS. But their focus is narrow, not more general defense.
The Andorial Royal Guard is not under command of the Federation, but are a sovereign military power of a member planet. They do not meet the criteria.
The Federation Naval Patrol seems to be limited in scope, and I'm not sure I've ever seen them called upon by the Federation to defent against say, the Borg.

These organisations likely contribute on many occasions, but from the evidence I've seen, it is Starfleet that is called upon to perform major military functions.
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Who, since Starfleet is not the primary military force, provides peacekeeping missions for member worlds?
Starfleet IS a peacekeeping force. It is also not a military organization.
Asertion with no impirical supporting evidence.
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Actually, SHOW me. DEMONSTRATE and PROVE that Starfleet does not provide military functions as a matter of fact.
I never said that didn't. In fact, I pretty explicitly said that DID provide military functions even at a time when their organizations was unquestionably non-military in nature.
Then what is your cirteria? Define a military organisation. What traits/activities must an organisation have to be considered military in your eyes?

To my eyes, "unquestionably" is becoming a questionable proposition, considering that is can only really be applied to the 22nd Century with any credibility.
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