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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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That link gets me back to the TrekBBS main page.
Your Let's Play videos inspired me to get into Star Trek Online. I've only been playing for a couple weeks but I am addicted to it. I'm already at Rear Admiral level 49 with my Fed character "Tulak", a Vulcan tactical officer. I have a sovereign class ship, the USS Star Quest, equipped with Reman covariant shields, 2 forward beam arrays, 2 forward photon torpedoes, 2 rear beam arrays and 2 rear transphasic torpedoes. I also have a bunch of consoles that increase damage resistance and weapons. I absolutely adore my ship! It is really tough and delivers quite a punch. I like cruisers but can't wait to try escorts next. Thanks for getting me hooked on STO!
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