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I see, thanks for the info, I had forgot about him being the operations officer, well that explains it. While I'm here, I know there was a production reason for the switch from command and operations colors in TNG from TOS, but was there ever an in-universe explanation?
No in-universe explanation for the shifting colors of the departments was ever given. Apparently Starfleet just likes to shake things up occasionally.
No explanation was given, but I'd like to think one was implied. If one looks at the design lineage for the uniforms, then the command red division color seems to have evolved directly from the movie-era uniforms, which lasted until at least 2348 based on on-screen evidence.

Start here:,_2293.jpg
Then here: You can't see it, but the only change was the crewneck collar. The uniform still had the belt.
Then here:
Now here:
Finally, here:,_2365.jpg

In addition, the department colors for operations and science divisions could be extrapolated from the movie-era department colors.
For instance: vs.,_2365.jpg
And:,_2293.jpg +,_2293.jpg =,_2364.jpg

Okay, so that last one might be a bit of a stretch. Also, I obviously love Memory Alpha.
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