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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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So several questions spring to mind:

1. At the smaller scale, couldn't the Romulans fire at these Starfleet outposts from their own planet? The Plasma weapon had a very long range.
Good point - but perhaps the ship was necessary for finding out where the outposts are in the first place. If the fortresses are part of a natural asteroid belt, they were probably built with stealth as a secondary if not a primary concern. Randomly shooting at ten thousand asteroids might be beyond the capabilities of the Romulans.

2. or build a set of counter outposts on their side and wouldn't they show up on the map?
Again part of a belt, and thus only the Romulans would know which of the asteroids are Romulan bases.

3. Where is Remus?
If we want to make "BoT" jibe with the rest of the Trek universe, we can't really keep the single-system model. But if we did, we would argue on basis of ST:NEM that the two planets are on orbits of slightly different radii - and thus only occasionally come close to each other. At other times, they are on different sides of the local star, which must be to the lower right of the "BoT" map, making Remus fall outside the map area.

(If we drop the single-system model, the question "Where is Remus" still applies, but the scale of the map might mean it's omitted - or then it's represented by that red ring around the ROMULUS dot.)

4. If the Romulans have been circled in for a hundred years, shouldn't Starfleet Intelligence have some good visuals on any Romulan ship design prior to the introduction of the cloaking device?
If the Romulans have been confined to this single star system (or actually just its inner parts) for a century, they might have abandoned spaceflight altogether. Save for their secret projects, conducted literally under wraps, that is.

5. Wouldn't the "stars of home" look the same on the other side of the neutral zone to the Romulan Commander if the fight took place in their own star system?
If spaceflight indeed is something these folks no longer do, then stars-as-seen-from-space vs. stars-as-seen-from-Romulus would be very different things to them... Not in terms of position, but of appearance.

6. Couldn't Starfleet then start shooting at the Romulan homeworld from their outposts as a response since they're at a close enough range.
Definitely. And I guess that would always have been an option even in the "big RSE" model. We see the outposts rather sparsely positioned, and no matter what the scale of this map, this very probably indicates that each outpost has weapons with enough range to close the gap between the outposts. Which gives them enough range to hit the Romulus dot, too, more or less.

Basically, they'd be doing what our heroes in the newest movie were told to do, bombard a hostile world across interstellar ranges. Which might be easier for a 22nd century outpost, with potentially vast magazines for giant long range projectiles, than for a more compact 23rd century starship!

Timo Saloniemi
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