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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

I didn't hate it, but it did seem "flat" for want of a better word, and Routh lacked Reeve's charm in the role. If you're making the same kind of Superman movie as Donner made, you'd better get an actor with Reeve's charm. Perhaps the director did tell Routh to dial it back, but it wasn't the right creative decision.

I, too, liked that Richard was a good guy and not conveniently "bad" so we could root for Superman and Lois, but I agree that Bosworth was horribly miscast as Lois. She most certainly didn't project the mature countenance of a woman in her 30s, which Lois should have been. I remember a great many jokes at the time that--since this Lois had a five year old child who was obviously Superman's son--that Supes must have left to avoid the statuatory rape charges.

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