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Re: Must see TOS episodes

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Rather than watch just a short list, how about putting in the time as a general Star Trek fan and watch the majority of episodes?

If you want to avoid the disappointments, I suggest you skip:
  • The Alternative Factor
  • And the Children Shall Lead
  • Plato's Stepchildren
  • Whom Gods Destroy
  • The Way to Eden
  • The Cloud Minders
  • The Savage Curtain
You'll miss a lot of things that we're nostalgic about that aren't really that great, and this way you'll see all the really good episodes.
The "Must see"'s mention was just the spur I needed to watch the whole series though I would like to skip the disappointing episodes. If anyone objects to this list or wants to add to it, I'll take your word for it.

That's the problem - taking someone else's word for the quality, or lack of in the episodes. It's all subjective; so why not watch them all and reach your own conclusion.
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