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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Your refusal to accept the current definition of the word "military"
It's a definition you prefer. That does not make it current, or even accurate.
In a previous post I gave you four definitions of the term military from 4 separate sources which you conveniently ignored.
Tell you what, Websters defines "military" as
Definition of MILITARY
1: military persons; especially : army officers
2: armed forces

Its common knowledge that Starfleet vessels are armed.

On top of that they use their weapons in combat against threats and on orders from the Federation.

Clearly they are an armed force under Federation control.
Hence they are the epitomy of the definition of a military for the Federation.

Game, point, match.

Making up your own definitions is not a valid method for continuing a discussion (neither is making comparisons that are either wrong or have no comparative value). Either you can find something to support your contention that everyone on this board (besides yourself obviously) seems to misuse and not understand the true meaning of the term "military" or this argument has just about run its course.
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