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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Legally, it is not. Look it up.
You are actually incorrect. This may be YOUR interpretation of their constitution
Significantly, it is also THEIR interpretation of their constitution.

And you don't have to take my word for it but I have actually met members of the Japanese Military...
So did I when we were stationed in Yokosuka. One thing that became clear in a short amount of time was that
1) Japanese people really DO NOT like the concept of a standing military and
2) They feel they do not NEED a military as long as the United States is hanging around.

The SDF is a de facto military by American/English standards of the terms; the Japanese terminology referring to it and its members considers them to be civil servants and employees of the government and they explicitly avoid talking about the SDF in any terms that would be applicable to a military.

The bottom line is that, your legal opinion notwithstanding, a Japanese military is not as illegal as you think.
A MILITARY is illegal. A self defense force is not.
Did you just say that you have met members of the Japanese military and yet they don't exist? Hmmm . . . so even seeing isn't believing for you is it?

Japan has a military. The Self Defense Force is capable of national defense and thus meets the oft cited definition of a standing military or armed force. BAMMMM!!!!

I never thought you would go ahead and prove my argument for me but . . . thanks Ed. You're the best!!!

As the board is in English we have been using the English definition of military since . . . . you know . . . "military" is an english word. When you use the Japanese term for "military" its not really the word "military" now is it???

Please feel free to redirect the discussion of words in other languages that have no direct translation to english if you would like. Just let everyone know the standard you are using for future discussions.
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