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Re: Why did Kirk Kill Mitchell?

Apparently, after Mitchell had killed his friend Kelso in cold blood (more like "crushed like an insect" as he had announced he would in the transporter rrom) he had crossed a line and revealed that he had become personified evil (i.e. militant selfish- and ruthlessness) and considering his powers he needed to be stopped, judged (for killing a fellow shipmate) and executed.

Kirk made that clear with what he probably thought would be his last order:

KIRK: If you have not received a signal from me within twelve hours, you'll proceed at maximum warp to the nearest Earth base with my recommendation that this entire planet be subjected to a lethal concentration of neutron radiation. No protest on this, Mark. That's an order.

Of course and most likely, the Q Continuum would have put a stop to Mitchell's rampage (where do the Q come from, did they also encounter the energy barrier?) but Kirk did it himself, so they didn't see the need to interfere.

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