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Re: Mulgrew so awful to Jeri Ryan she had to date Braga for protection

I like both actresses very much and have heard them say nice things about one another in various interviews. However, I couldn't imagine that in this kind of situation that there WOULDN'T be tension on the set.

If I was the "star", for lack of a better word, of a show for three years and then suddenly, after a few seasons, they brought in someone young and sexy to boost ratings and made her a big focus, I would probably be upset too.

I am not defending anyone or saying that either was right or wrong, but to be honest...who wouldn't be upset in that circumstance?

On the same note, Jeri Ryan probably had her nerves jumbled just knowing that her joining the cast would cause tension. Like she said, being the new kid is never fun. People are used to one thing and when it gets changed, it causes tensions. Part of Jeri's "sickness" the night before scenes might have been also from her own consciousness...knowing what her role was and what Kate's role was. Kind of like paranoia possibly.

However, even if every single thing she said was completely true...was this really necessary to bring up years later? To me it's almost like throwing someone under a bus 10+ years later for no real reason. Kate admitted in an interview I watched that she felt a little bit hurt and other feelings when they brought Jeri Ryan on without directly saying anything negative or harsh about her. She often complimented Jeri's acting ability as well and constantly spoke about how she should not just be viewed as the hot borg, but as a great actress. So I think Jeri saying these things was slightly more hurtful than the things Kate has said. I am just going by various interviews since obviously we weren't there, on the set.

That said, no one knows what happened on the set except them, so we shall never really know.

This kind of thing reminds me of when I was a hardcore Laverne and Shirley fan and found out that there was tons of tension on the set and fighting between Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams, the two main stars. But even through all of that, they always constantly spoke about how they had the utmost respect for one another at all times. And now years later, they are pretty good friends. It seems like the same thing is not true of Jeri and Kate, but you never know.

Time heals old grievances usually, but for her to STILL be talking about it years later when she knows Kate could possibly read it and be hurt by it, obviously they haven't settled their differences in the same way as Penny/Cindy did.

And to add to that...Democrat vs. Republican.
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