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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Starfleet was seen doing all of this and more in the 22nd century where it was unquestionably a non-military organization. That they continue to be a non-military organization 200 years later is therefore unsurprising.
What you continuously choose to ignore or refuse to comprehend is that no matter what other missions starfleet undertakes, if they actively engage in warfare and matters of national defense on behalf of the Federation they UNQUESTIONABLY are military.
In addition to being factually incorrect (seeing how the United States has just spent the last ten years fighting two different wars against non-military combatants) it also remains the case that 22nd century Earth Starfleet was a non-military organization that acted in a military role.

Your refusal to accept the current definition of the word "military"
It's a definition you prefer. That does not make it current, or even accurate.
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