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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I don't want too much from an update, other than:

*better looking planets (TOS-R was awesome in this regard)
*alternate 'Enterprise at warp/flyby' establishing shots (again, TOS-R was great for this, and the next one)
*alternate 'Enterprise entering orbit' shots
*make shield effects look more modern, like the latter TNG movies
*make the transporter effect look more three-dimensional (the ST09, whatever else, did well with this)
*correct any FX that looked cheesy or just bad in the original, or could be improved (the end of season 1 creatures, etc)
*whenever practical, add in ships other than Oberth, Miranda, and Excelsior in a shot.
*whenever practical, make on-planet sets look like they're on a planet (the outpost in Arena was one example of this)
*add detail work to ships (Constellation in Doomsday Machine...the little asteroids bouncing off the hull, great detail)
*when practical, correct ships that were affected by lack of budget to restore the original intent.
*when practical, give the ships more motion during fight scenes. They're all too often static images of Enterprise firing phasers.
That's all, huh?
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