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Re: Venture Brothers

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Maybe the Guild is going beyond those nebulous terms of agreement and beginning to cause a serious power shift that could truly threaten the planet. Either that or the writers just said, "Aww, screw it. We have a neat idea for a story; let's go with it."
Did a little reading up on past seasons (damn that long wait between them) and season 4's finale involved Guild mole's in the OSI, but it didn't go into much detail as to the why's.

On the downside, this season only has 9 episodes....but I read that the hour long premiere counts as two episodes...which means there's only two episodes left. Apparently season 6 will be 9 as well.

It sucks, but at least we'll be getting more eps. While I appreciate that Venture Brothers is done in traditional animation, I wonder if there's not some way they could transition that over to Flash or whatevers being used these days, while still retaining the look of the show.
The long gaps can't be helping the show and I'd like to see where these characters go and for them to be able to wrap things up in a satisfactory manner. With the recent developments it just feels like there's enough life in the show for a few more seasons.
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