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Re: Must see TOS episodes

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Well like everything else, this is mostly a matter of taste and personal preference. I actually quite like The Way to Eden (the "hippie episode") and Whom Gods Destroy as well as The Cloud Minders are intersting too, IMHO.

I would rather skip these episodes:
  • Assignment: Earth - It was intended as a spin-off episode to a new TV show (set on earth) that never came to be, and thus focuses on the "new" characters, instead of Kirk & Co. In addition, itīs yet another time travel episode that takes place on (then) present day earth - I donīt care much for those.
  • A Piece of the Action - While somewhat entertaining at times, itīs mostly silly, IMO: Kirk & Co. discover a "mob planet" modelled after Chicago in the 1920s and dress and behave accordingly.
  • Patterns of Force - Kirk & Co. discover a "Nazi Planet" ... and dress and behave accordingly. A very questionable episode, IMHO. It was actually banned in Germany for decades.
Anyway, thatīs just my suggestion, YMMV

Okay, he can skip "Assignment: Earth"-- if he's not a Teri Garr fan and doesn't love cats or the Saturn V rocket.

"Patterns of Force" has some imagery that is striking (literally) and unforgettable, especially where Kirk and Spock are interrogated. But it's not a big must-see.

"A Piece of the Action" is a good comedy, on a par with "The Trouble with Tribbles," and as such I say leave it in.
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