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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

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I also didn't think much of the casting or the directing. Routh never worked as Superman for me. Kate Bosworth was breathtakingly gorgeous but breathtakingly wrong for Lois. And Singer seemed to be coaching the entire cast to dial their performances down to the most subdued level possible, so the whole thing lacked energy and intensity.
I swear Bosworth and Routh were on a dietary requirement of Xanax on that set to ensure their performances had no energy or emotion at all.

Everyone else was fine, Spacey as Luthor? Great energy, surpasses Hackman. But, goddamn, whenever Superman or Lois is on the screen it's like someone let all of the air out of the movie. Superman shouldn't be all mopey and dour like he was in this, spying on Lois creepily and looking like he's ready to cry. Man, lighten-up! You're the Man of Steel! You can take the Metropolis version of the Brooklyn bridge, was it up into a ball and toss it into the sun if you're so inclined. But, instead, you look ready to go watch "My So Called Life" on DVD again.
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