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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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^But isn't this where if they had been more serialised, they could have avoided such issues.
Nope. If the audience is intent on seeing only the flaws that all there is to it.

Now as for being unable to create another one, they seemed to have no problem with repairing hull plates, interior bulkheads, building not 1 but 2 delta flyers, repairs to shuttlecrafts etc..
Fixing an existing thing with minor repairs or making a shuttle isn't the same as backing up something as complex as the Doctor.

It's not the audiances fault if they call the writers/producers on it for being inconsistant.
It's their fault for being so nitpicky they don't appreciate touching storytelling when it happens because they're too obsessed with seeing only the flaws. Folks like that don't deserve good writing since they wouldn't appreciate it anyways.

Robert Picardo's acting as the distraught EMH, the whole story about revisionist history, the depth we got from Quarran. And the audience saw NONE of that because they were so petty over the backup EMH thing.

This is ridiculous. Just because people point out one inconsistency in an episode, and even call it a major inconsistency, doesn't mean they don't think it's a good episode.
If that were true, folks would look back at the episode with fondness instead of just whining over the backup EMH thing. People saw this one minor flaw and let it ruin it for them, which shows how unpleasable they are.

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