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Re: Poll: Which doctor would you want to work on you?

Got to be Bones,

Phlox has too many creatures around his office, he might drop one in me and never be the wiser..
And don't get me started on the abomination that is "Dear Doctor"....
Crusher, yes was a head of star Fleet Medical, and Yar said she strives for excellence -yadda-yadda, but I think she is too locked into convention and bureaucracy, so much she misses things and messes things as too. She made a wrong call with Worf, in "Ethics" until it became clear that a experimental procedure needed to be done and "In Who Watches the Watchers" Picard of all people had to remind Crusher that we can remove short term memories; and Crusher even defensive responded 'yeah, I'm familiar with Dr. Palaski technique'. Well, apparently not-'cause she screwed the pooch with that one too! Sorry Bev.

Bashir is nice enough and yes I get it he's easy on the eyes and all that but he is despite his "Super- Genius" status really arrogant and pompous...just ask Garak, and their BFF's.

Doc Zimmerman, I'm just a little ambivalent about, what if he is having a crush on one of his nurse assistants this episode while I am on his op table-hopefully not Paris, or feels compelled to assist a photonic insurgents. I'd rather have his program focus on me the patient; exclusively.

Nah, as I said it's McCoy all the way. He is a 'human', true to self doctor. With plenty heart and determination-that's my pick. Good old saw bones, minus the saw.
I hope.
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