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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I dunno, unlike in TOS, I've never felt Next Gen had any real "effects monotony". They had a far wider variety of shots, particularly from S3 onward when they started using the 4-foot model.

Also, unlike TOS, there are no original HD masters in existence, so I am rather more... I suppose... protective of the show. These new versions are going to be the de facto master copies for the next twenty-odd years, if not forever, so I want them to preserve as much of the 1980s craftmanship as possible.

Of course, if they want to create alternate extended cuts as well, with updated visuals, and make them a viewing option on the Blu-rays, that's fine with me. But largely, I want to see 1980s models, 1980s sets and 1980s explosions... because that's when it was made and it's a piece of history.
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