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Re: Any old timers still around?

Lol, cheshirecat_7 was real old school. Like '99/'00 old school. And I believe she found her partner via this site and moved to be with her to Melbourne.

castek was from Brisbane (like me) but was sent to live his Grandmother in Toronto when his parents where divorcing. It was rather nasty and I don't believe he was coping well (and he certainly has issues with his Grandmother). He was classed as a troll and did behave like that on this board, but I think it was really a reaction to his shitty real life. One on one chatting to him, he was a great kid. Very bright and quiet friendly.

Nice to hear Rosemary, Emmisary and Dorothy Zbornak are going well. Wish them all my love next time you see them. Especially Rosemary who was always a sweetie!

I miss Utah a lot sometimes. I loved living there and I still consider Salt Lake City to be my second home.
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