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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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On the other hand, there's the argument that any attempt to modernize the effects (rather than the high-quality, faithful restorations we're getting from CBSD) would result in an incongruous viewing experience, akin to the Star Wars Special Editions. It's a late-80s, early-90s TV show after all and nothing is ever going to change that.
The TOS fans are still bitching about the new TOS CGI effects looking horrible.

But I'll take good model work over bad CGI any day.
I don't want too much from an update, other than:

*better looking planets (TOS-R was awesome in this regard)
*alternate 'Enterprise at warp/flyby' establishing shots (again, TOS-R was great for this, and the next one)
*alternate 'Enterprise entering orbit' shots
*make shield effects look more modern, like the latter TNG movies
*make the transporter effect look more three-dimensional (the ST09, whatever else, did well with this)
*correct any FX that looked cheesy or just bad in the original, or could be improved (the end of season 1 creatures, etc)
*whenever practical, add in ships other than Oberth, Miranda, and Excelsior in a shot.
*whenever practical, make on-planet sets look like they're on a planet (the outpost in Arena was one example of this)
*add detail work to ships (Constellation in Doomsday Machine...the little asteroids bouncing off the hull, great detail)
*when practical, correct ships that were affected by lack of budget to restore the original intent.
*when practical, give the ships more motion during fight scenes. They're all too often static images of Enterprise firing phasers.

That's pretty much descending order of priority to me. I just want the effects monotony broken up, and the 'staying true' feels like a wasted opportunity to me.

The first three especially, and the first five are what I would have expected from a half-hearted effort.
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