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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

SR had a $260 million budget and it only grossed $391 million after 19 weeks in theatres worldwide. Singer got the job because of the awesome job he did on X1 and X2 where his budgets were considerably less. The writers and producers of X1 and X2 also came over for SR. Where they demonstrated that they don't understand the character or the mythos. Aside from Supes walking in to the most obvious trap, we never see him throw a single punch in this film. Rescuing the plane and saving people across Metropolis is all well within the scope of his abilities so there is no challenge for him. Watch the film and count how many lines Routh speaks as both Superman and Clark Kent. Superman's pals at the Daily Planet get just as much screen time as Supes does. Singer's admitted attempt to show a kind of camaraderie between them and Superman. Which doesn't work because nobody knows Supes is Clark Kent. It's like an inside joke and only Clark knows the punchline. I suspect this was a carry over from the team aspect of X-Men. Superman being a singular hero you would think you would have an easier job telling just one man's story but Singer blows it.

Batman Begins gave us something different from the Burton/Schumacher films. Superman Returns gave us the same thing we saw 30 years ago with the Donner films.
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