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Re: Will we ever see proper Trek races?

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JJ Abrams has this annoying habit of tweaking the appearance of major Trek aliens. When I first saw the Romulans in Trek 09 I kept asking myself 'they're Romulans?'. Then in STID they did the same thing with the Klingons and only now did I realise what they had done; they removed both species hair.
We saw Romulans with hair in Old Spock's mind-meld flashforward. It was only Nero's crew that were bald. The "change" they made was removing the forehead ridges added to them in TNG.
The Klingons looked the same as ever, just with more detail and far better costuming to me. The only reason the Klingon we saw was bald was a problem with the hairpiece coming off with the helmet, so they made the leader bald. The others had hair. And if bald Klingons are somehow wrong, General Chang would like a word with you
I shudder to think what the Cardassians will look like if they are included in a new Trek movie...
Is the correct look of the Cardassians how they looked in TNG's "The Wounded" or in DS9? Or the Bajorans the way Ro or Kira's ridges looked? Or is the correct look of the Trill from "The Host" or DS9? Do Andorian antennae come from the rear of the head like in TOS or the front like ENT?
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