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Re: Who's made their own tech manual?

It's all just for me, just for fun. I finally decided on a Sovereign class that has a lot of extras. Created some of my own rooms, borrowed heavily, etc. Like I said, it's just for me.

Found uniforms I liked. Some different interiors. Just wish I could have found a better phaser. My 3-D art is lacking. I never liked the dustbuster phaser design.

I'll post my table of contents. Maybe get some feedback.

Yeah, DestinyCaptain, I've been collecting Trek materials since I was a kid. This manual would have a great diagram. That manual would have a better one. And I was always a sucker for the unofficial stuff. Years ago I had xeroed a lot of stuff and cut, pasted, then copied again. This time, in digital, and I'm pleased with things. I guess it's one of those personal things.
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