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Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

OK I get that Man of Steel is popular with many folks around here for assorted reasons.

What I don't get is the disdainful attitude shown towards its predecessor Superman Returns.

Yeah, Superman Returns had its faults but so did Man of Steel, but the latter seems to be getting a pass because it delivered the action fest that many fans have been craving for.

Superman Returns despite its slow pace and other problems (Lex Luthor doing the same scheme from Superman, Superman being too emoish, a bland Lois Lane, and so on), the movie had its moments and it was a far better movie than those POS Superman III and IV and considering what was attempted before it came out (Nic Cage as Superman, a JJ Abrams attempt to have Luthor be a Kryptonian), it was probably the best we would've gotten in that time period.

So ok, Superman Returns probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but why do so many people dismiss it?
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