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Re: New Aliens on star trek film, maybe part 2.

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Second question is have u guys found it out which alien species star trek film and maybe part 2?
Yes, Madeline has been in both films, played by the same actress. The makeup artists called her Madeline and the name stuck. No official species name yet.

The only reason we know so much about the aliens of ST:TMP is because then-costume designer Robert Fletcher wrote a paragraph about each for the publicity materials of that movie. The only reason we know so much about the aliens of ST IV is because FASA's writers included a paragraph about each for the RPG "sourcebook" tie-in for that movie.

Keenser, Scotty's engineering pal recently got some background in an issue of the ongoing IDW comic and they used a species name, Roylan, that has been approved by Orci & Kurtzman.

Similarly, we know a bit about Alnschloss Bentayr of Monchezke because the website for the 2009 film had little dossiers on some of the new characters, and the alien has now been featured in a comic:
That's one female I'd lookin for her race name but Madeline wow interest name. Thank you for website, Cheerio, Therin of andor.

Thank again.
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