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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

I'm wondering about this amazing secret sex act that Stahma performs on Datak.. which seems to be the usual sex against the wall deal that television likes so much. I'm thinking if that is all there is, this amazingness that Datak realizes Stahma learned from Kenya, then maybe it's unusual to Castithans because it is without preamble? Perhaps Castithan society demands all kinds of ritualistic foreplay and dropping that entirely is what whores do, not married couples?

So does that mean Kenya told Stahma that Datak likes this or does it mean that Kenya slammed dear Stahma up against the wall one evening and had her without all that elaborate chit chat and tea.

Also, what was that about the Votans searching for that crashed ship for 3000 years.. has it been on earth for 3000 years?? Or was it something they searched for and la dee dah someone actually had it and took it off into the diaspora and crashed it on earth the same time all the other Votan stuff fell from the skies.

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