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Re: Superman II (The Donner Cut)

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- They undid everything with time travel again. I can't believe they did that. This alone is enough to sink the movie.
When the two films were being shot as one, the ending to the first film was supposed to be Superman stopping the missiles, but one of them letting out Zod and co. as a cliffhanger. The second film was then to be the only film with a time travel reset button ending (which makes more sense than just to save Lois, it's to undo the lives lost and damage done by the Phantom Zone criminals), but when the Salkinds decided to stop filming both movies at once, Donner decided to use time travel as the ending to the first film and reshoot a new ending to Part 2 after Part 1 was released. However, since he never got to do that, the only ending for the "Donner cut" was the original ending shot before they decided to use the idea elsewhere. I don't much like it in either film, but for the "here's what could've been..." version this is, it was unavoidable.

Ideally though, it might be nice to see a cut that includes the best of both. Paris, Jor El, seeing Clark getting his powers back, Lois figuring things out Donner-style and no turning back time.
Such edits do exist online...
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