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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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They know he is an alien.

"You're the answer, son. You're the answer to 'Are we alone in the universe?'"

I don't think he's saying that don't know he's an alien, he's saying we don't see the moment where they realize it for the first time.
Emphasis on 'superpowerful' In the original, the Kents seem not to understand that he's an alien until after his demonstration of superstrength.
I addressed the super-powerful part in the remainder of my post which is cut off in the quote above. Martha and Jonathan were aware of all of his powers except flight (because he hadn't learned it yet), which Martha only became aware of when he returned.

As far as Superman: The Movie goes, he walked out of a spaceship. I think the Kents understood he was an alien right away. It's just that his super-strength also took them by surprise a moment later when he lifted the pickup.

There really wasn't any need to show the scene of the Kents discovering Clark as a baby since everything we need to know about it is implied and was already shown in Superman: The Movie anyway. We know they found the spaceship with him in it in their field from Clark's conversation with Jonathan in the barn. We know they had Clark from infancy since Martha mentioned his difficulty breathing as a baby. We saw a variant on the pickup lifting scene with young Clark lifting the schoolbus out of the lake, so an earlier scene wasn't really needed.

Those flashbacks and discussions had a purpose in that they not only showed Clark's growth, but foreshadowed scenes with Zod and his followers; Zod's adaptation to his new superpowers, the Kryptonian's difficulty breathing in Earth's atmosphere (and Clark in their's) and thus their need for the world engine, and Clark's hesitation to reveal his powers based on how the kids on the bus and their parents reacted (some with fear, some with friendship).
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