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Re: Scotty and his military comment

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
Security camera shows a person pull something out of his pocket and a cop shoots him in the leg.

The victim says the object was a cell phone.
A witness says the object was a cell phone.
The cop says the object turned out to be a cell phone.
YOU freeze-frame the camera footage and say "It looks like a gun to me."

Who am I supposed to believe?
This is a complete misintepretation of my point and you know it. You constructed this example specifically to make my argument look weak, although that wasn't it at all. In short, you have just demolished a strawman. Congratulations.

The Mighty Monkey of Mim wrote: View Post
Why do I get the feeling you didn't even read my last post? Anyway, you could not be more wrong. It doesn't matter how many people think it's going to happen. It only matters whether it is going to happen.
That's ridiculous, because NO ONE KNOWS what's going to happen. By your logic, everything anybody ever says about the future is a strawman.

Look, this isn't a strawman at all. Spock says one thing, the woman asks a question. Whether she's wrong, or more to the point the answer to her question is "no", doesn't matter. A strawman isn't that. But even if a strawman could be of that form, both the CNC, and Cartwright, and Chang, all seem to thing that it's a very real possibility, so it's not like she made a stupid version of anyone's argument, is it ?
And that's my opinion.
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