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Re: Enterprise NCC-01

Timo wrote: View Post
If the "X" does indeed NOT stand for "eXperimental" but for something the two of you suggest, then how do you explain the NX-Alpha and NX-Beta from First Flight?
Why should those need explaining? They are not registries - they are frivolous callsigns for test rigs, and more specifically for test rigs involved in the project aiming at creating Earth's first eXplorer vessel.
That is just your opinion. It does not prove in any way, that the "X" stands for eXploration rather than eXperiment.

Timo wrote: View Post
That the NX-Alpha and NX-Beta exist is actually good indication that NX is not a generic registry prefix slapped on every experimental vessel out there, but a unique project that will culminate in the first-ever NX class of starships
Which is what I already said in my post #18 of this thread
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