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Re: Must see TOS episodes

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Rather than watch just a short list, how about putting in the time as a general Star Trek fan and watch the majority of episodes?

If you want to avoid the disappointments, I suggest you skip:
  • The Alternative Factor
  • And the Children Shall Lead
  • Plato's Stepchildren
  • Whom Gods Destroy
  • The Way to Eden
  • The Cloud Minders
  • The Savage Curtain
You'll miss a lot of things that we're nostalgic about that aren't really that great, and this way you'll see all the really good episodes.
The "Must see"'s mention was just the spur I needed to watch the whole series though I would like to skip the disappointing episodes. If anyone objects to this list or wants to add to it, I'll take your word for it.
Well like everything else, this is mostly a matter of taste and personal preference. I actually quite like The Way to Eden (the "hippie episode") and Whom Gods Destroy as well as The Cloud Minders are intersting too, IMHO.

I would rather skip these episodes:
  • Assignment: Earth - It was intended as a spin-off episode to a new TV show (set on earth) that never came to be, and thus focuses on the "new" characters, instead of Kirk & Co. In addition, itīs yet another time travel episode that takes place on (then) present day earth - I donīt care much for those.
  • A Piece of the Action - While somewhat entertaining at times, itīs mostly silly, IMO: Kirk & Co. discover a "mob planet" modelled after Chicago in the 1920s and dress and behave accordingly.
  • Patterns of Force - Kirk & Co. discover a "Nazi Planet" ... and dress and behave accordingly. A very questionable episode, IMHO. It was actually banned in Germany for decades.
Anyway, thatīs just my suggestion, YMMV
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