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Re: Registries and Conjectural classes

For myself, some of the bigger issues with the ships from "Conspiracy" is that (a.) there is a ship with the registry NCC-42 and (b.) there are ships which seem to share the same registry. In the latter case, if a few ships did go through two or three name changes in a year, I have to ask myself, why would Starfleet do this? The issues with the chart in "The Measure of a Man" for me is that it needlessly complicates the registry conundrum with the Yamato, and introduces new registries for a couple of ships that were first mentioned in "Conspiracy". The Yamato has four registries: NCC-1305-E, NCC-24383, NCC-71806, and NCC-71807.

There does seem to be a running issue with registries in the franchise, wherein a graphic will disagree with a model. We have the Intrepid (1631 vs. 1831), Yamato (71806 vs. 71807), Zhukov (26136 vs. 26136), and Ahwahnee (71620 vs. 73620). These are the examples I can name off the top of my head.

For me, the issues with the registries, as of the end of the third season, is proof of evidence that Michael Okuda hadn't yet developed a master copy of Federation starships in which each ship had an assigned number and class. He started to do this with the list of ships first seen in "Brothers", and expanded upon it for the Encyclopedia.

I have been studying the chart from "Court Martial". I have noticed that there is a slight difference between the 6 and 8. It can be seen here - there is a separation between the end of the curve and the enclosed circle. This can be seen in the blu-ray. (I have a 42" flatscreen TV.) I am now reading the chart as:
* NCC 1709
* NCC 1831
* NCC 1703
* NCC 1672
* NCC 1864
* NCC 1697
* NCC 1701
* NCC 1718
* NCC 1685
* NCC 1700

So, for the year 2267, the highest registry known would be NCC 1864. At the time of this episode, these registries were for ships of the Constitution-class starship. It's interesting to me that NCC 1864 was later used for the Miranda-class starship Reliant. Considering this retcon, I am thinking that one or two other ships on that list might be Mirandas, which might put the introduction of this ship to the mid-23rd century. So, by the mid-2370s, this class of ship would be over a century old.
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