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Re: Venture Brothers

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Just finished watching this week's episode. Best of the season so far, in large part because (a) it dealt with the overarching mythology and (b) lots of Brock.
Can't argue with that, it was a great episode.

I also enjoyed this weeks ep "Momma's Boys" alot as well. Lot of call backs to previous eps. Wasn't really surprised that Myra wasn't the boys real mom. Also thought it was interesting that they had Dermot find out that Rusty was his dad, and revealing that to him and the boys. Will be interesting to see how that's followed up on.

Regarding next weeks has the OSI "hot on the trail" of The Guild. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall an ep. where they talked about the need for The Guild....something along the lines of there needing to be some kind of order in a world where people have super powers or can invent death rays and shit? That The Guild and all those by laws helped keep this kind of stuff from going ape shit and destroying the world?

Also, is it just me, or are they using computer objects these days? The X1 two weeks ago and the hover tank and jeep when it exits hover tank, were cg. Didn't have any problem with it, just seemed to stand out a bit.
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