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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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That merely supports the evolution of Starfleet's role from a NASA-like organization to...
To WHAT? The organization did the same things in its NASA-like role that it did 200 years later. If their ROLE never actually changed, what does that tell you about their status?

There is nothing explicit on screen that establishes that Starfleet did not engage in military activities, or function as a military in the 23rd Century.
Right. They did the same thing in the 22nd century, even though they were clearly not a military at the time.

On the whole, I do not share your clarity on the overall non-military nature of Starfleet, only that it started out with a more NASA-like focus on exploration.
It ALWAYS had a NASA-like focus on exploration. And it was ALWAYS expected to defend itself and Earth's interests against alien aggression when necessary. NX-01's very first mission turned out to be a combat mission against a violent and aggressive terrorist organization; their second mission was an attempt to make first contact that turned into a fight with pirates.

And yet, even as late as Season 3, we are hearing clear and unambiguous terms that Starfleet officers are not part of the military. If after the battles with Duras, the Xindi Crisis, the fights with the Suliban and the Tholians and god knows who else Starfleet does not consider itself a military organization, it's probably because their charter is flexible enough to include this mission role without defining Starfleet as a military.

Again, please explain the anomalies I have pointed out. If Starfleet is not a military, why is it, as a non-military organisation, displaying all of the traits of one by the 23rd Century?
MANY non-military organizations display those traits, all for different reasons. You'd really have to ask Starfleet for their specific history, but I'd suspect it has something to do with their not wanting to revert back into shit like this.
NASA is not involved with military operations (such as peacekeeping missions into warzones, or defending against invaders).

Clearly, Starfleet DOES do these things.

So with all of the things I mentioned, name one, just ONE organization that routinely does ALL of them, that is NOT military.

Second challenge: If Starfleet isn't a form of military organization, please define for me the actual 23rd/24th century military organization.

Who, if not Starfleet, is responsible for defense of the Federation as a whole?

Who, since Starfleet is not the primary military force, provides peacekeeping missions for member worlds?

Please, enlighten me.

Actually, SHOW me. DEMONSTRATE and PROVE that Starfleet does not provide military functions as a matter of fact.
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