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Re: Chakuun or no Chakuun in Trek books?

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According to EV they are a biggger deal I don't see why i cannot talk about anything obscure as long as it atracts reasonable traffic.
You can talk about any aliens you like. I was just a bit puzzled why you zeroed in on the Chakuun, and even included a poll. I have read all the comics and this race didn't even register with me until I clicked on the link to Memory Beta.

Since the novelists have already developed the Tholians in new directions, and more recently than "Early Voyages", the Chakuun probably have as much chance of making an appearance in the novels as Thralen the Theskian ("Metamorphosis") meeting up with the Andorians to help resolve their reproductive crisis. Or blind Thala the Andorian ("The Eyes of the Beholders") going in search of the Aenar - or for her adoptive mother, Dr Selar.
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