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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello, my name is Sean and I've been a fan of TNG since the beginning, way back when it first premiered in '87. I've always loved this show, it's the one that got me into the whole Star Trek universe so it's always had a special place with me. My top three episodes are Family, The Defector and The Offspring. My favorite character is Picard followed closely by Beverly. I guess you could say I'm a P/Cer. Beverly became more of a favorite over the last few years from rewatching episodes. I find their relationship interesting and fun. I liked the friendship aspect of it and wouldn't have minded if they got together but it doesn't bother me too much that they didn't. One of my other favorite aspects of their relationship is the fact that she is one of the few characters from the main cast that would stand up to him. I've always liked those scenes along with their dinner and breakfast's conversations. Some of my other favorite shows are The X-Files, Firefly and Freaks & Geeks.
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