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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

It's copacetic, Richard07. We all have different tastes. You make your points very thoughtfully. Don't get me wrong. I didn't dislike the Lester version of Superman II. I just felt the Donner version was more complete. That's mostly due to my like of Brando and his scenes in the film. I actually do prefer the whole Lois jumping into the river at Niagara Falls to draw Clark out as Superman.

I didn't find Superman III to be as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Sure, it had some extra camp and silliness, but it wasn't a bad movie overall. I think IV was the real stinker.
I can agree with this. It's Superman IV that's bad, per se. III was just a bit disappointing with the campiness but it had some great parts to it, the aformentioned junkyard Clark/Evil Superman battle being one of them. I could rewatch Superman III and enjoy it. IV, best forgotten.

Nothing, but real heroes aren't ideals and it's nice to see that reflected in entertainment.
No, real heroes aren't, but Superman isn't real and yes, he was my favorite comic book character as a child so my bias is showing. Batman they can darken up all they want and I'll eat it up with a spoon. The Superman is just a different entity is all. My interpretation, anyway.

And I don't think Reeve was bad, I'm just not entirely comfortable with his version of Superman right now.
We all have different tastes. It's all good. I feel the same way in reverse about Cavill. Like him. Think he did well with what was given. Just uncomfortable with the newer version of the story. At least Cavill isn't all "teen heartthrob" either, praise God. You know who was teen heartthrob? Tom Welling from Smallville, even when he got into his 30s. Reeve was 25 when he filmed the first Superman and he never once seemed like a kid. Today, all the 20ish actors with a few extremely limited exceptions seem like kids. Blech. To me, and I know I'm in the minority here, Dean Cain didn't quite seem to have the gravitas of Superman either. Too......pretty?

Cavll desperately needs for the writers and directors to lay off the destructive, Transformer type actions scenes. It would serve the character well.

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