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Re: Justice League Movie Fantasy Cast

The new 52 Justice League of America.

Hawkman... Dylan McDermot.

Steve Trevor... Joel Gretch

Star Girl... (young) Taylor Momsen.

Catwoman... Jennifer Love Hewitt

Martian Manhunter... Neal McDonough.

Vibe... Diego Bonita (it took me an hour to find a latin actor i liked and knew who was under 30. The MTV series Deiego had a principle role in "Underemployed" had some really nice curves to the story telling once you waded throguh all it's drekk. He's still too old to play Vibe, but I have never in my life seen an episode of Icarly or any of the new wave of Disney/Nickleodeon crap with shild stars since the new milennium.)

Green Lantern (Simon Bazz) Marlon Wayans (show me a list of attractive Arab American actors, Lebanese apparently, and I'll pick one, but I saw The Heat yesterday and Marlon showed some decent range.)

Green Arrow... Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Katanna... Linda Park
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